Campaña de apoyo a este cortometraje!!... "Minuet" is a short film about a man who is haunted by the death of his daughter, who drowned on the very shore he lives on. Deathly afraid of the waters that took his daughter, Cairpre keeps his young granddaughter, Elise, away from the ocean. But when her mother's voice calls her down to the shore, Cairpre's world comes crumbling in. He stands to lose the only thing he has left to love or risk facing the one thing he cannot - his daughter's death. "Minuet" is a short film (16 min) created for festival entry. It was filmed in spring of 2010 and finished editing in the fall of 2010. THIS IS A COMPLETE PROJECT - NOT JUST A CONCEPT! The video above is a clip of the first minute of the film. "Minuet" has gotten great reviews from the select audiences that have seen it, and now it's time to send it to its purpose - film festivals!

Posted by SERGIO PRAUS GARCIA on 26 Ee febrero Ee 2011 a las 18:32 3641 Views

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